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The members of A Hundred Crowns have managed to create an EP that feels like a full album, with a distinctly unique sound that takes you on a musical journey. Elements of metalcore and post-hardcore are perfectly blended with a huge array of beautiful cleans, dark screams, ambience and technical ability. If you're not checking A Hundred Crowns out, you're missing out on one of the most talented underground bands around.​​​​​​​
Maybe Lost EP Review | On The House Music
Superbly and intensely ethereal is the best way to describe A Hundred Crowns’ latest EP ‘Maybe Lost’. It’s a well-produced release that’ll tantalise the tastebuds of any metalcore lover. Every chorus is incredibly catchy, beautifully fusing clean vocals with gut-wrenching growls and with the dynamic capability to boot. The lead guitar riffs are reminiscent of old school metalcore lead lines, with guitar tones and structural shredding that resemble an early Bullet For My Valentine – but with a stronger, more playful, musical range. As the EP continues, we are shown further proof of the bands ability to mould their music to suit the impact of the track lyrically whilst maintaining their signature, striking dominance that any metalcore lover would lap-up in an instant.
Live Review | Distorted Sound Magazine
"We aren’t sure what’s coursing through the water around this particular neck of the woods but the proliferation of musical talent surging out of Nottingham itself is impossible to ignore. We had the distinct pleasure of introducing local lads A HUNDRED CROWNS (8) to the masses earlier this year and judging by the turnout, this is so much more than a mere hometown handshake. Raging through a setlist comprised of material from soon-to-be-released debut EP Maybe Lost, this is an energetic lesson in metalcore/post-hardcore. Gargantuan breakdowns, harmonious riffs and earworm choruses all collide on tracks like The Highs, Amber Rooms and Choices to produce equal parts anthemia and aggression. It’s another encouraging step towards an exciting future – which we would fully encourage anyone to be a part of."
Live Review | Distorted Sound Magazine
“...time grooves by in a seamless blend of expansive melodies, thunderous riffs and irrepressible energy – the exhilarating stomp of Amber Rooms making this performance feel like that of an established act than a newcomer yet to release their debut EP. With a sound that continues to refine itself, A Hundred Crowns have the ability and promise to set 2018 on fire."
Appearance | Distorted Sound Magazine
"INTRODUCING: A Hundred Crowns The lovely lads from A Hundred Crowns sat and recorded a brilliant video for us to talk about who they are and why you should check them out!"
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"...this five-piece deliver harmonious riffs, gargantuan breakdowns and choruses catchier than flu in deepest, darkest December. Despite only forming in early 2017, the metalcore/post-hardcore outfit have since blazed a proverbial trail across their hometown and beyond playing one energetic show after another. With credible touring and playing histories to boot (individually they’ve shared stages with behemoth acts like THY ART IS MURDER and ARCHITECTS), the A HUNDRED CROWNS contingent know how to tear shit up in a live capacity, and they’re more determined than ever to make 2018 a year to remember. With earworm singles The Highs and Amber Rooms already in the bag (videos for both were shot by uber-director Shaun Hodson of Loki Films), A HUNDRED CROWNS are currently wrapping up a whirlwind UK promotional tour. And with a debut EP in the works as well as a high-profile support slot for INVISIONS at hallowed hometown venue Rock City just around the corner, you’d be foolish to deny yourselves such insane levels of aural pleasure." | view source
Press Interview | Metro Newspaper
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